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ImageShack Toolbar for Internet Explorer 4.8

ImageShack Toolbar for Internet Explorer is a great new internet toolbar
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The ImageShack ToolBar will make things easier for any Imageshack user. Uploading pictures to ImageShack has never been difficult. It only requires you to go to the website and select the picture you want to upload, copy the code or link and paste it somewhere else. This toolbar will make that process a whole lot easier. When you install the toolbar, the application will do two things for you: it will place a toolbar on your web browser, and it will enable the drag-and-drop functionality. With the toolbar, you can access the ImageShack service from any website you are on. You can even go directly to your pictures, or create on-the-fly slideshows. It gets even better, though. The drag-and-drop functionality allows you to skip several steps of the process and go directly to the stuff part: checking your pictures out. Simply drag a picture to the bar, and it will uploaded automatically and you will see a thumbnail or preview of your picture. From there, you can share it with everyone you want.

José Fernández
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  • Makes the whole picture-uploading process much faster and easier


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